SLT Show

The Bald Prima Donna

By Eugene Ionesco

Date: 19 - 23 Apr 2022

Time: 20:00 - 22:00

Location: The Old Fire Station

Typically middle-class Mr and Mrs Smith are enjoying an evening at home in the suburbs of London. They have invited the Martins over for dinner, even though they’ve already eaten, and the Martins are very late, which is very rude since the Smiths are starving and haven’t eaten all day. They are interrupted by their maid, Mary, and eventually, a fire chief.

One of the pioneer plays of the Theatre of the Absurd, The Bald Prima Donna is a surreal examination of the English middle class in the 1950s.

Director: Anna Rubincam


Mr Smith - Owen Chidlaw

Mrs Smith - Ingrid Miller

Mr Martin - Andy Barrett

Mrs Martin - Audrey Lindsay

Mary - Angelina Yasmin

Firechief - Bryon Fear

The Bald Prima Donna poster