SLT Show

The Beaux’ Stratagem

By George Farquhar

Date: 28 May - 1 Jun 2019

Time: 20:00 - 22:10

Location: The Old Fire Station

A pair of charming young con artists arrive at an inn in Lichfield with the aim of marrying a rich heiress and bagging a fortune, but their scheme soon begins to unravel. This uproarious comedy pokes fun at society’s conventions proving that while the best-laid plans can go awry, love is more important than marriage.

Director: Dave Hollander


Archer - Sebastian Senior

Aimwell - Ben Oakes

Boniface/Count Bellair - Mitchell Labiak

Cherry - Josie Oliver

Lady Bountiful - Carole Coyne

Dorinda - Jill Hanley

Squire Sullen - Daniel Wicksteed

Scrub - Tom Perry

Mrs Kate Sullen - Liz Glazzard

Gipsy/ensemble - Lauren Esin Coomber

Folgard - Stephen Dyer

Gibbet - Paul White

Worn/ensemble - Jackie Burch

Bagshot/ensemble - Lewis Holloway

Sir Charles Freeman/ensemble - Jason Rosenthal

The Beaux Stratagem Poster