SLT Show

The Last Of The Pelican Daughters

By The Wardrobe Ensemble

Date: 27 Sep - 1 Oct 2022

Time: 20:00 - 21:45

Location: SLT - SE27 9NS

In folklore, pelican mothers feed their young on their own blood. Today, four sisters are trying to come to terms with their mother’s death – and divide their mother’s house between them. Mum’s presence still seeps through the ceiling and the floors. The Pelican Daughters are home for the last time. First performed in 2019 and produced in collaboration with Complicite, this play written by The Wardrobe Ensemble is a blunt, beautiful and funny exploration of family, grief, entitlement and trust. You can love your siblings, but you may not always like them, and when conflict springs between you and the people that know you best, you can only hope that blood really is thicker than water.

Director: Han Evans

The Last of The Pelican Daughters Poster, featuring a little girl in a white dress with a pink sash