SLT Show

The Venetian Twins

By Carlo Goldoni (translated by Ranjit Bolt)

Date: 4 - 8 Apr 2023

Time: 20:00 - 22:00

Location: SLT Old Fire Station

Written in 1747 by the master of Italian comedy, this piece of slapstick foolery hasn't lost an ounce of freshness. Twins Zanetto and Tonino, separated at birth (played by one actor), turn up in Verona, one for an arranged marriage and the other to meet a girl who has run away from her family for him. They are mistaken for each other and the resulting chaos includes duels, betrayals, spats, arrests, a casket of stolen jewels and a death from poisoned wine. Fast, furious and set in the 1960s to a jazz soundtrack, this is everything a stylish and slick comedy should be.

Director: Jo Boniface


Rosaura - Beth-Rose Robertson

Columbina - Han Evans

Dr Balanzoni - Andy Barrett

Brighella - Chris Vian-Smith

Zanetto/Tonino - Tom Mathias

Pancrazio - Joe Dominic

Beatrice - Jenny McLaughlin

Florindo - Mark Vinson

Leilo - John-Michael McDonald

Arlecchino - Jess Shiner

Porter - Jo Boniface

Tiburzio/Cafe Owner - Carole Coyne

Bargello - Chris Bennett

Beatrice’s Maid - Bex Law

Chorus/ASM - Jackie Burch

Chorus/Dance Captain - Jingya Peng