SLT Show

Tilly of Bloomsbury

By Ian Hay

Date: 3 - 7 Oct 2023

Time: 20:00 - 22:00

Location: SLT Old Fire Station

It's the 1910s and young Matilda Welwyn and Dicky Mainwaring have fallen in love on a London Omnibus. But what they've failed to consider is that his parents are as posh as they come, and hers . . . well the boarding house they keep is full of angry lunatics and the bailiffs have just arrived to repossess it and what's that . . . Dicky's family are coming for a visit . . . now?

100 years old and the comedy still as crisp as a freshly-starched shirtfront, this was the first script ever performed at the Old Fire Station.

Director: Bob Callender


Abel Mainwaring MP - Nick Davidson

Lady Marian Mainwaring - Audrey Lindsay

Dickie Mainwaring - Shea Salvi

Sylvia Mainwaring - Ellen Woszatka

Lucius Welwyn - Paul Willaims

Mrs Welwyn - Chantal Gregory

Percy Welwyn - Tom Mathias

Tilly Welwyn - Lydia Doyle

Amelia Welwyn - Elisa Benham

Grandma Banks - Lydie Koritsas

Mr Stillbottle - Chris Gipson

Mr Milroy - Steve Pleasants

Mr Metha Ram - Richard Shaw

The Rev Adrian Rylands - Oliver Adkin

Miss Constance Damer - Han Evans

Tilly of Bloomsbury poster showing black and white buildings in the background with a green floor with a goat an Edwardian lady and two boxers poking through it.