SLT Show

True West

By Sam Shepard

Date: 2 - 6 May 2023

Time: 20:00 - 22:00

Location: SLT Old Fire Station

Brothers Austin and Lee are like chalk and cheese. Austin is a well educated scriptwriter and a family man. Lee is a drifter, hustler, an uneducated, heavy drinker, a part time-burglar, living on his wits. Austin is looking after their mother's home in Southern California, while she's on holiday in Alaska. He is trying to write a film script when Lee shows up, restless and lost, having lived out in the desert for months. The brothers try to communicate but it seems there is an ocean or a desert between them. Lee annoys Austin by badgering him about his art, while Austin is concerned that Lee will go out and burgle local homes, causing trouble.

Director: Janine Wunsche


Austin - James Knapp

Lee - Peter Lewis

Saul - Paul White

Mom - Caroline Durant

Poster with a sepia image showing a desert scene with fluorescent furniture in the foreground