Hapgood by Tom Stoppard


May 31-June 4, 2022

Running time: TBC

Elizabeth Hapgood is a British spymaster who is concerned that she may have a double or even a triple agent within her organisation. She also has a young son about who she worries deeply. She tries a number of ploys to try and root out the mole in the organisation. This being Tom Stoppard, there’s a touch of particle physics thrown into the mix, but the play is essentially a fascinating spy thriller with a great whodunnit angle.

Director: Lisa Thomas


Hapgood – Jude Benning
Blair – Jack King
Kerner – Alex Johnston
Ridley – Tom Watts
Wates – Josiah De Phoenix
Maggs – Rob Wallis
Merryweather – Calla Cambrey

Hapgood runs from 31 May to 4 June 2022. Buy tickets here