17 Jan 2022

Do Not Disturb by Michael Weller

March 22-26, 2022 Running time: TBC Ten years after the end of their affair in New York, two lovers meet in a hotel room far from their homes. Both are now married, both have children and both have been wondering about the road not taken. What begins as a casual meal and an evening of catching up turns into a painful, hilarious, passionate and moving voyage towards a moment that could change both their lives forever. Uncompromising in its attitude […]

14 Jan 2022

Building works projects & BPT update

Some highlights from Charlotte Benstead, Chair of the Building Preservation Trust Hello all ! I am due to give you our annual round up of stuff from the Building Preservation Trust (BPT). We held our AGM on 5 January, and unlike the SLT, the BPT (being the supporting artist in the whole running of things) has a small gathering of its Trustees to ensure we stay compliant with company and charitable law (I can tell you are excited!) and this […]

06 Jan 2022

Shakespeare’s comedy – workshops

A series of six workshops exploring Shakespeare’s comedies With Janine Wunsche – FREE for SLT members This series of six sessions is designed to help actors to speak Shakespeare’s language naturally. Find the contemporary meaning and connect with that. Lose the fear and have fun. We will also be exploring the richness and power of the drama, the joy of the comedy, and how to play it. We will use short scenes from a variety of plays. The workshops are […]

31 Dec 2021

Supporting Acts – fundraising variety night

January 15, 2022 – ONE NIGHT ONLY Supporting Acts Some of SLT’s best and brightest join together with the West Norwood Community Choir and PoetrySlabs to give you an evening of music, words and maybe some surprises! That beam holding up the bar isn’t going to fix itself, so come along, support the fundraising efforts and have a great night out – all for just £10 (£8). Buy tickets here. All ticket proceeds are going to the Rusty Beam fund

28 Dec 2021
The Bald Prima Donna by Eugene Ionesco, 8pm, April 19-23, 2022

The Bald Prima Donna by Eugene Ionesco

April 19-23, 2022 Running time: TBC Typically middle-class Mr and Mrs Smith are enjoying an evening at home in the suburbs of London. They have invited the Martins over for dinner, even though they’ve already eaten, and the Martins are very late, which is very rude since the Smiths are starving and haven’t eaten all day. They are interrupted by their maid, Mary, and eventually, a fire chief. One of the pioneer plays of the Theatre of the Absurd, The […]

19 Dec 2021

Iron by Rona Munro

April 5-9, 2022 Running time: TBC The play is about memory, manipulation and seeing the world through others’ eyes as well how we are seen and what people assume about us. Everyone has hidden depths and meanings to what they say and do. Josie has not seen her mother since the day Fay was arrested for murdering her husband, Josie’s father, more than 15 years previously. Now that her paternal grandmother who raised her has died, she has questions and […]

06 Dec 2021

Give the gift of SLT: Launch of Gift Subscriptions

We’re proud to announce the launch of Gift Subscriptions for South London Theatre! Why not give the gift of a subscription to family or friends, to introduce them to the joys of SLT? Or you could ask them to gift it to you, as a new subscription or renewal! If you’re already a member: Use this link to buy a gift subscription for someone else via your Membership account. Go to ‘Payment’ under the ‘Optional Extras’ section of the membership […]

05 Dec 2021

Youth Theatre: Puppet Workshop

We’re running a Puppet Workshop for children aged 7 to 11 years  Spread across 2 days, youngsters will discover the art of making puppet characters and create their own puppet using papier mâché, and with their puppet, have lots of fun devising and presenting a short performance! We’ll supply all materials needed. How long? It’s a 2 day workshop When? 22nd-23rd December 2021, 10am – 2pm How much? £40 For more details and to book, please email Teresa at training@southlondontheare.co.uk.

05 Dec 2021

Volunteer vacancy for a new Trustee at SLT

We are on the hunt for a new Trustee! Have you got what it takes to help us keep the good ship SLT waterproof, upright and secure for the next 50 years? The team of trustees who oversee the building will have a slot to fill from December.   What are trustees? Trustees are volunteers who help us manage the organisation and keep us operating within the legal framework of Company and Charity law. The SLT Building Preservation Trust is […]

05 Dec 2021

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall – The Director’s Preview

Director Jo Boniface introduces our Christmas show, Mirror, Mirror on the Wall by Audrey Lindsay.   What has been good about directing a play written specifically for SLT? It is the first thing I have directed where I have had access to the writer! Audrey was developing the script alongside my casting process so she was adjusting the lines to the people we cast. This means it really is a show written for SLT, as a lot of the lines […]