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Open Mic wants YOU!

28 Mar 24

Get involved in the "mixed microphone arts" performed every month in your members' bar.

The SLT Open Mic events are vibrant, often well-attended and host a diversity of microphone-wielding talent, from singers and musicians, to comedians, poets and storytellers, but what they lack most is SLT members!


Open Mic is organised and hosted monthly by members, Emma Haydon and Katrina Rublowsky and is a fixed item in your members’ club bar event’s calendar, with planned editions now extending into the Summer. It’s open to all, both to perform or attend as audience, so what is it that is stopping you from being there?


Upcoming dates:

  • 11th April
  • 23rd May
  • 6th June
  • 4th July


Written a poem or a song or two? Play an instrument? Got a stand-up routine you want to test? Just contact Emma and Katrina and they can put you on the bill! Audiences are incredibly warm and supportive. Alternatively, why not come along and see what’s what?


Free entertainment plus cheap drinks, plus the chance to meet friends whilst taking in the cutting edge of London performers. Sounds like a sum of great parts to us! And remember, you can bring guests to your members’ club bar, (just sign them in, in the Visitor’s Book on the bar) so why not bring others along to SLT’s “mixed microphone arts” and see what’s slamming down at the next Open Mic event.