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Preview: Queers

23 Jun 24

Director Jack King previews his production of Queers

What inspired you to direct this piece?

Obviously, the subject matter is something that I feel strongly about and the writing is absolutely outstanding. These are some of the best monologues I’ve ever seen. It’s moving and amusing in equal measure from multiple time periods and fascinating perspectives. They are an actor’s dream to play and hopefully they will be a delight for the audience to watch.


Actor rehearsing for Queers

How has the rehearsal process been?

Rehearsals have been pretty intense as it takes a huge amount of concentration to be the only person on stage. But I’ve tried to maintain the feeling of a company rather than just individual performers. I have some of the best talent SLT has to offer and working with them was always going to be exciting. There have definitely been some interesting conversations about certain topics raised in the speeches.


What are the main themes of the monologues?

There isn’t one main theme. The monologues celebrate queerdom in all its variety and different perspectives. If anything it explores how the gay identity has evolved over time, from hiding in the shadows as outsiders to the modern day where we can celebrate and be loud and proud.


What do you hope the audience will take away from the production?

Fantastic performances of some wonderful writing. Hopefully it might spark a little debate in the bar afterwards.


Can you sum up the production in three words?

Powerful, provocative, fun.


Queers runs 9-13 July at South London Theatre

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