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Preview: Two

08 May 24

Director Jess Osorio previews her production of Two

What inspired you to direct this play?

I chose it for various reasons. I was involved as stage manager when it was last staged at SLT and it was always in the back of my mind as one to come back to. It runs the full gamut of emotions while giving us a glimpse into the lives of the landlord, landlady and the customers who pass through the pub over an evening. It challenges the actors as they have to play seven different characters each, transitioning quickly from one to the next, and they need to find a connection with each.


Actors rehearsing for Two

Who are the characters we'll meet in the pub?

The key protagonists are the Landlord and Landlady. We also meet Old Man, who has lost his wife but never forgotten her; Old Woman, who is caring for her aging husband and finds joy in the mundane; Moth & Maudie, a young unmarried couple; Fred and Alice; Roy & Lesley, Mr & Mrs, Iger who somehow stay together despite their differences; and Boy & Woman.

What the challenges and opportunities do you associate with directing actors playing multiple parts?

Supporting them to find a connection or way in to each character and facilitate the transitions and changes. We also have to ensure the audience will know which character is which and join the actor on each individual journey; hopefully having some empathy or understanding, even for those who are not entirely likeable.


Actors rehearsing for Two

What do you hope the audience will take away from the production?

I hope they will laugh and cry with the characters, and see there can be love and affection despite the experiences life throws at us. And for those who remember the traditional English boozer and the music of the 80s, a trip down memory lane.

Can you sum up the play in three words?

Tough, Hopeful, Reflective.

Two runs 28 May to 1 June at South London Theatre

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