The Phlebotomist by Ella Road

The Phlebotomist by Ella Road

The Phlebotomist posterMarch 8-12, 2022

Running time: 2 hours 20 minutes including a 15 minute interval (estimate)

In a near future a single blood test gives you an official rating in society: a high rating equals good opportunities and possibilities in getting jobs, education, bank loans and dating prospects.

Bea is a phlebotomist and finds a good match in an intelligent and handsome young man, Aaron. Most importantly, he has a high rating on his genetic profile. They fall in love and the future looks bright.

When Bea’s lifelong friend Char who has a lower rating asks for a better blood sample, Bea becomes a dealer on the black market. How far will people go in a world where health, wealth and happiness depend on a single blood test?

Director: Mark Ireson


Bea – Sarah Pearcey
Aaron – Jamie Bowman
Char – Han Evans
David – Brian McNulty
Ensemble – Bex Law