Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare

Twelfth Night

June 28-July 2, 2022

Running time: TBC

Twins Viola and Sebastian arrive separately in Illyria after a shipwreck. Both believe the other dead. Viola (disguised as a man) finds work serving Orsino, a wealthy count, who obsessively loves Olivia, a grief-stricken countess, who refuses his advances. Viola woos Olivia, on Orsino’s behalf, but Olivia falls in love with Viola. Viola, meanwhile, falls in love with Orsino, who believes her to be male. Her twin brother Sebastian is saved by a sea captain Antonio, and they form a bond of love and friendship. Confused? So are they. Great comedy is created from mistaken gender identity, sub plots and cruel, drunken antics, as the play lifts to farcical heights.

Director: Janine Wunsche


Duke Orsino – David Hepburn
Curio/Musician – Roshana Langdon
Valentine/Musician/Officer – Tania Pais
Sea Captain/Priest/Officer – Mark Vinson
Viola/Cesario – Maddie Dunn
Sebastian – Jamie Bowman
Antonio – Benjamin Hooper
Countess Olivia – Laarni Cornista-Hollebon
Maria – Celia Delaney
Malvolio – Martin Copland-Gray
Sir Toby Belch – Paul White
Sir Andrew Aguecheek – Rob Wallis
Fabian – Roda Asha Aden
Feste – Audrey Lindsay

Twelfth Night runs from 29 June – 2 July 2022, including a Saturday matinee. Tickets will be on sale here