General Council Meetings

At the 2019 AGM, GC (General Council) agreed to hold regular 'open' meetings for members to come along and see how we work. It’s an opportunity to learn more about what we do, how we do it, and maybe see if it’s something you’d like to get involved with.

You may suggest an agenda item by emailing the General Secretary here, or speaking to a member of GC who can add it on your behalf. The agenda deadline is 14 days before the meeting and the agenda will be posted below when confirmed.

The next GC Open Meeting will be at the Old Fire Station on:

16 September, 8pm (room tbc)

You must be a member if you wish to attend these meetings and you must pre-register your interest in attending via your membership page which you can log into here.

Meetings are divided into open and closed sessions. A short Q&A will take place at the end of the open meeting after which point the meeting will be cleared to allow any sensitive matters to be discussed privately.

Documentation will be archived on our Agendas & Minutes page here.

Please find a list a list of frequently asked questions below.

Agenda 16.9.19


What is GC?
GC is the General Council of South London Theatre (SLT) and the formal mechanism through which SLT business is conducted. Members are elected annually to 11 posts and 2 further posts are currently co-opted. See Who We Are on the website.

SLT is governed through a formal Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association and bye-laws. These are available through the General Secretary or Company Secretary. Any amendments to these documents can be discussed and agreed at the annual AGM.

How frequently does GC meet?
There are formal meetings on a monthly basis, including an annual awayday in August when we consider and agree the annual workplan.

Can Members attend GC meetings?
It was agreed following the 2019 AGM that GC would open its doors formally to the membership to be transparent about how we work on behalf of the membership. To ensure that business runs smoothly, and any aspects that
need to remain confidential are kept confidential we have put together some ‘ways of working’:

Ways of Working

Frequency of Open Meetings
These will be held quarterly (including the AGM). Open meeting dates will be published on the website. The next open meeting is published above.

Do I need to book?
An event will be set up by the Membership Secretary so that we know how many to expect and to check that attendees are members. There will be no cost and no limitation on numbers.

What is the format?
There will be a public section, where most of the business will be conducted and then a private section, if necessary, for any confidential business when members will be asked to leave. The agenda for the public section will be published a week in advance on the website.

Can I participate in the meeting?
Members will be able to observe the public section and then we will have a short session at the end for any Q&As before moving to the private section.

Items of interest.
If you have an item or issue that you want GC to consider then please approach one of the GC members in advance of any of our meetings and raise the issue with them. The GC member can then raise the issue formally at the meeting on your behalf, if appropriate. Meetings are usually held on the second Monday of each month.

I want to get more involved.
If there is an aspect of GC work that interests you please approach the relevant GC member. We are always delighted to have support as there is lots to do. And then, when you’re ready, put yourself forward for election at the next AGM!